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Functional Testing


Till a decade ago software testing was treated as an afterthought carried out by the developer themselves, but in the era of disruptive markets, businesses today can’t afford customer churn as well as a hit on brand image.

Increasing complexity of the software applications led to the evolution of software testing in different aspects of the software development cycle including API/Micro-servicesTesting, Database Testing, Customer Experience, etc. With the advent of Agile methodologiessoftware testing is now completely integrated with every phase of the development cycle.

Employing a risk-based testing approach we’ve created an end-to-end QA process along with a streamlined communication modelthat works consistently and rapidly. We develop the plan, collaborate with the stake holders, and help the Client identify where to focus next.

Delayed product launch due to issues identified late in the life-cycle.
Slippage of defects to production causing bad user experience.        
Ambiguous planning resulting in budget and timeline overruns.        
Inadequate collaboration hampering effective communication.        


Functional Testing is conducted to determine application’s conformance to requirement. A comprehensive approach enables the testers to identify defects at an early stage, to achieve highly effective testing deliverable resulting in a higher ROI.

  •     Requirement test-ability feasibility.
  •     Test Strategy and Test Plan preparation.
  •     Test Case Design and Writing.
  •      Test Execution and Progress Reporting .
  •      Test Closure Report and Retrospective Analysis.

Ivavsys Differentiators
  •      Comprehensive Testing processes, reusable artifacts and Test Metrics .
  •      Identification of risk profile of each test case/scenario.
  •      Experience in setting up TCoE ground up including of alltypes of testing.
  •     Proprietary Test Management Tool - iTM (integrated Test Management).

Tools Expertise:

Open Source–

  •     TestLink
  •     TestOPia
  •     QA Book
  •     Backlog

Commercial Tools –

  •     MicroFocus ALM
  •     JIRA
  •      Mantis BT
  •     TestRail
  •     Zephyr